Armenian Progressive Youth NGO Conflict vs. Connection - Page 2

1 . Description of the Training Course :

Training Course “ Conflict vs . Connection : A Practical Training for Young Peacebuilders " will take place in Yerevan , Armenia between April 10 - 17 , 2017 . It will involve 36 youth workers from the European Union Member States and Neighbouring Partner Countries . The course will be focusing on diversity , conflict transformation and emphatic communication . Seeing diversity as a barrier instead of appreciating its enrichment has been playing a substantial role in both the national and international debates and politics in each of the participating countries for decades . The transformation of the conflicts starts from us : our hearts being in war or in peace , our way of communication . When we grow in peace with ourselves , we can continue to bring the transformation to our surroundings : our interpersonal relations , the way we connect and relate to our families , friends , acquaintances , strangers , communities . All these topics will be brought to attention in the TC .
Getting a better understanding in how we , people , function and what gets us together and keeps us walking the same direction is crucial for youth workers and peace builders of today . This will be done by promoting non-violent approaches leading to actions on peace-building and promotion of Human Rights . Moreover , young leaders will discuss the significant role of youth participation in grass-root peace-building initiatives .
Through non formal education methods the participants will get to know each other and will be given a space to exchange experiences and forge new friendships , across any barriers that may exist . All the topics will be brought to attention in the training using the ' learning by doing ' methodology , where the participant becomes the protagonist of the learning experience , gets new insights and learning after observing and reflecting over his or hers behaviour in different exercises , games , processes and role plays offered by the trainers and gets a possibility to try out new approaches , ways of communicating and actions in a safe environment of a group setting . The participants will acquire the skills and knowledge to transfer the used methods to concerned parties outside of the project .