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Introducing Entrepreneur Arlene Brown-Mitchell

If there is one thing that I can say about myself it's the fact that I like doing business and helping people. It's no wonder I got into the business that I am in and doing what I consider my part for mankind. I believe that there is more to life than just standing back and lookig for your break to come. It's a wonder how much clearly you can see when you start to fight to live and that is understating the real point.

I have though long and hard before taking the steps that I took coming from Spanish Harlem NYC is a giant step all it's own. My mom and dad gave me the courage to just be me because no matter what I did, said or tried as a child and as an adult they gave me their love and support about it. I did as others tried and failed at quite a few things until I manage to find my ground which I stand firmly on now. If you have read about me on the internet then you no doubt know that I have gone through a great deal of career moves. I have found out that I am better at being my own boss. With that being said I knew that becoming an Entrepreneur would be the best way for me to live and be happy. I can not say everything in this short article but I will say that I am glad that I decided to create an empire and no I am not an 'Oprah" clone. I am indeed a woman with a need and that need is to enhance the world. I have owned a retail store, webstores, sold lingerie, sang in church and more but this EMPIRE exceeds my expectations!

I started out just wanting to help models get jobs which turned into me helping music artist (promoting them), turned into television which I didn't keep up with because I got into radio and loved it. I have gone back to television (cable). Hmm, I wasn't on long but when I go back I won't have to sto for other projects. I created a 12 channesl on the Arlene Brown TV Network coming out on Roku soon. I am building it now just as I built this magazine Arlene Brown Presents: The New Generation, Co-Founded NGRA Radio 101.0 F.M. and Majestic Rose Travel

There is also my book which is published called The 21 Day Plan For A New Life which I did because I tried the plan and it worked for me. I wanted to reach others and let them know that it's never to late to change, grow and be happy.

Website is

My Email: [email protected]

Feel free to contact me for seminars for groups, churches, schools, women's groups and more. To all of that you can now add producing films which I am about to do.

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