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In This Issue

3. Introducing Entrepreneur Arlene Brown-Mitchell

4. Home/Food

5. Relationship 911

6. Celebrities On The Rise

Singers Tamara Bubble and Stephanie Graves

7. Celebrity Spotlight

FEATURED Celebrity: Drummer Oliver Palnco

8. Health, Beauty and Fashion

9. Travel and Shopping

10. Big Business 101

21 of the best apps for your startup or growing business

11. Businesses We Think Are Great


12. What Are Some Of Our Networking Partners Up To These Days?

Gwen D. Adams Evans, Director (GWIZ Productions) and Kimmie Robinson, Magazine Publisher/Travel Agent

13. Arlene Brown Media News

The Arlene Brown TV Network: Our films, AB StarTV Channel and more!

14. Back Cover

Arlene Brown Media Advertisements

Publisher/Editor: Arlene Brown-Mitchell

Director of Marketing and Advertising: Lenny Mitchell

Photography: Lenny Mitchell and LunaVee


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Table Of Contents

Issue 1

Arlene Brown Mitchell