Architect and Builder May/Jun 2023 | Page 10

Architects as Creators of the Future

Landseer Collen Principal Director and Founder of BPAS Architects landseer @ bpas . co . za

Architects like me are often perceived as individuals who work primarily with paper or computer programs . However , the truth is that our creative process begins long before we put pen to paper or design onscreen . As an architect , I understand that if I limit myself to a paper world , I will never be able to bring my designs to life beyond sketches and plans . That ’ s why architects must embody the qualities of dreamers , visionaries , explorers , and entrepreneurs . We embrace the principles of avant-garde architecture , constantly striving to innovate , challenge conventions , and push the boundaries of what is possible in urban development . When I design for the future , I become the driving force behind progress .

To transform a client ’ s vision into a tangible drawing , I must first envision the future myself which is why imagination plays a crucial role for me , along with the ability to think and perceive in a three-dimensional environment . As an architect , I don ’ t merely translate a client ’ s needs into an image ; I have the responsibility and freedom to play with possibilities .
Take , for instance , the renowned architect Frank Gehry , celebrated for his iconic buildings like the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and The Museum of Pop Culture . In designing the Dr Chau Chak Wing building at Sydney ’ s University of Technology , he drew inspiration from a crumpled paper bag . Although the story of him crumpling a piece of paper and declaring it as the design was a humorous tale for The Simpsons , Gehry himself acknowledged that his process involves much more depth .
Similarly , I begin by gaining a profound understanding of the client ’ s requirements and project parameters , from budget considerations to specific site conditions . Functionality remains paramount , but as an architect , I have the opportunity to infuse each project with something extraordinary , evoking an emotional response .
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