Appraiser Solutions Guide Spring 2016 | Page 14

TOTAL Manage Comply Account Easily manage orders, invoices, tasks, and reports Whether you have an office manager or manage everything yourself, you’ll appreciate the simplicity and customization of the Appraisal Desktop. All your appraisals are easily searchable and you don’t need to open a report to view crucial details. Make quick changes, print an invoice, deliver, and more all in a click. You’ll also appreciate SmartFilters, which gives you access to your accounting info at a glance. You can filter paid and unpaid reports by date and client. Need to know which clients haven’t paid in the last 30 days? Just select that filter and see a breakdown of all your clients, how much they’ve paid, and how much they owe. Instant access to your Digital Workfile to add or remove files. Preview, edit, and print your Invoice or Order Form. Export invoices to QuickBooks too! See a time -stamped history forms, - delivery, added etc. ice, invo sent signed, Check on progress and update the To -Do List. See quick details or preview the entire report. at a glance. NEW: See accounting information Watch the video here: Flexible E&O PowerView to easily stay compliant With TOTAL’s E&O PowerView you can see warnings sideby-side with your form or in a separate window. This makes it easy to catch errors and make changes. UCDP Hard Stops as well as potential CU flags are clearly marked 12 1-800-ALAMODE • so you can’t miss them. Simply double click any error message to jump right to that area of the form and fix it. The PowerView also gives you the ability to customize the non-UAD rules and warnings you see.