Appraiser Solutions Guide Spring 2016 | Page 13

Save $100 with code CATA100 Drag and drop in photos, PDFs, e-mails, and more to add them to your Workfile. Go truly paperless without thinking about it The appraisal process is clear: First you research, then you analyze, and then you write your report. Unfortunately, other software skips the first two steps completely. TOTAL ties together pre-inspection notes and research, assignment data, e-mails, MLS data, comps searches, photos, comps adjustment criteria, the sales contract, and more, all into the same digital file that contains the final appraisal. That’s because our Spectrum Digital Workfile Architecture is at the core of how TOTAL manages data. Simply browse to, drag and drop, or paste any file into the Workfile. TOTAL also adds files automatically, such as the delivered PDF, comps that didn’t make the cut, and TOTAL for Mobile inspection data (including voice recordings). Everything is saved with your report and easily flows into Vault or your other digital storage. Later, if questioned by an underwriter or auditor, easily open your Workfile from the cloud instead of sifting through e-mail clutter or expensive paper filing cabinets. “Your ability to drag items from your computer directly into the Workfile is a huge timesaver.” — Robin Sibinski, Home Run Appraisals Watch the testimonial video here: • 1-800-ALAMODE 11