Appraiser Solutions Guide Spring 2016 | Page 12

TOTAL Gather Develop Comply Exceptionally simple yet powerful photo handling After a day of inspections, the last thing you want to do is organize photos. Photos PowerView and QuickPix Database put an end to this process. searching later by address, room type, neighborhood, and more. From there, you can drop images straight onto your form without worrying about entering details. Our QuickPix Importer pulls in thumbnails from your camera or PC for you to review and quickly pick which to use. When you add a photo to a report, the property information is automatically added into the QuickPix Database for easy You’ll see everything in one modern PowerView that makes working with photos incredibly easy. Finally, as you add photos to your form, they’re precisely compressed to keep your report small while maintaining beautiful clarity. Building a photos database has never been easier Let the QuickPix Importer auto -complete photo information (like the address) using data from your open reports. 10 1-800-ALAMODE • QuickStamp lets you copy all the address data from one photo and “stamp ” it onto other photos with a single click.