Appraiser Solutions Guide Spring 2016 | Page 36

Appraiser XSites
Don’t get left behind, get your share of the non-lender pie.

Get and keep high rankings in Google and other search engines
Search engines like Google reward sites with fresh content by ranking them higher. Our exclusive GhostWriter technology ensures your site constantly has new, unique content.

It takes your information (such as specialties, service areas, etc.), cycles them through pages written by marketing experts, and remixes them in millions of unique ways. They look impressive, and read like a real person wrote them.

Forms turn anonymous web visitors into hot leads
Use our “Got a Question?” and “Contact Us” forms or, for even more non-lender leads, add specific forms like “Need an appraisal for PMI removal?” or “Property taxes too high?” The lead is sent straight to your e-mail and phone so you can respond in record speed. And, with XSellerate, those contacts are automatically added to the perfect marketing campaign.

Get instant lead alerts on your mobile device

“While we all need appraisal software to do our jobs, there’s another product we need to be successful in today’s world: a website. I am happy to say my XSite has been a major factor in the success of my appraisal business! It’s actually my only form of advertising, other than a tailgate sign on my pickup (to keep me from getting shot when taking comp photos). My XSite is where 95% of my business comes from! I don’t even have phone book listing or have an office with a sign out front, etc. Folks, if you don’t have an XSite, you’re missing the boat!” — Rick Neighbors, Texas Real Estate Appraisers

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