Appraiser Solutions Guide Spring 2016 | Page 35

Appraiser XSites

Business management to help run your entire business
Our Business Management tools help you run your company with fewer hassles and more profit. See the full list of features at Highlights include:

Getting paid faster
Collections work is uncomfortable and timeconsuming. XSites will help with:
• The ability to require certain clients to pay before downloading reports
• Clients can log in to your site to check status, download the final PDF, and more
• Automatic late payment notices that get sent when invoices go past due
• Create and track one-off invoices for jobs that don’t include a typical report (expert witness, comp checks, etc.)

Avoiding unnecessary fee negotiations
Clients order online using the appraisal order page (no phone tag). And you can set up fee tables to charge different fees for different clients without advertising it. Or customize your fees by product type. Everything shows up as the client is filling out the order form.

Plus, once the order is assigned, the appraiser’s split is automatically calculated based on your custom fee table.

Incredibly useful, handy reports
You’ll have a summary of your business including top clients by volume, how your current workload compares to another time period, what’s due, late payment analysis, and more. Drill down to minute details too.