Appraiser Solutions Guide Spring 2016 | Page 3

No matter what your office is like, our tools will make you more efficient and profitable Order Gather “My XSite is where 95% of my business comes from!” “TOTAL for Mobile is a ‘must-have’ tool in my appraisal office.” — Rick Neighbors — Philip Marler Develop Market “With SmartAddress, I am confident that my UAD-formatted comparables are 100% consistent. Every time.” “XSellerate does a wonderful job of reaching my clients.” — Woody Fincham, SRA — Clinton Cook Manage “The Appraisal Desktop makes it a breeze to quickly answer a client’s question or resend an invoice.“ Comply “With Vault, I back up every report without having to think about it.” — Gregory Mellies — Bill Roark Deliver Account “For nearly every client, I can simply hit a few clicks within the software and the report is delivered.” “It only takes a couple clicks to import the invoice from the Appraisal Desktop to QuickBooks.” — Rob Pullon — Dustin Harris What’s inside 02 Live events 20 Going paperless with Greg Mellies 28 Vault with Exact 04 TOTAL (formfilling) 22 TOTAL Store 30 XSites and XSellerate 14 Switch to TOTAL 24 Loyalty Rewards 36 Community Partnerships Program 15 Memberships 25 InterFlood 38 Elite 16 TOTAL Sketch 26 Mileage Estimator 41 Real appraiser stories 18 TOTAL for Mobile 27 Delivery 41 $100 off coupon 100 DAY, 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE