Appraiser Solutions Guide Spring 2016 | Page 2

Let’s make 2016 your best year yet You’re not just a typist. You gather data, develop reports, then deliver — on short deadlines — while complying with changing regulations. That’s on top of running your business: managing clients and orders, accounting, and marketing to stay busy throughout 2016. Your hands are full. We know formfilling is a small part of your job, so we’re the vendor with tools for every part of your business. We’ll put our formfilling up against anyone and we’ll win. (Over half of all appraisers agree.) But that’s not all you do. The “wheel” on the right represents what you’ve told us about your world. If you prefer technology for the core Report process, your hot buttons are green. If you think it should help run your Business, you’ll identify with the blue. (Some, like Deliver and 1-800-ALAMODE • Account, are both.) The hub is our Cloud in terms of collaboration with clients, your staff, and others. Your world looks clean in a graphic, but in reality it’s chaotic. That’s why you need a partner who can roll with you and who acts on what you want. Our approach to business is the same as it’s been for 30 years. We answer the phones and are available when you are (nights, weekends, holidays), we offer pragmatic CE training that solves your real problems, and constant innovation that helps boost your efficiency and profits. We also price products fairly and advocate for appraisers. In this catalog, you’ll see solutions in the context of the wheel and the way you conduct business. Rely on us to help you make 2016 your best year yet.