Appraiser Solutions Guide Spring 2016 | Page 21

TOTAL for Mobile

“It saves me 30 minutes to two hours per report.” — Greg Mellies, Mellies Appraisal

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Swipe and tap for precise sketches in the field
Simply enter your measurements, then swipe and tap to draw exterior and interior walls. From there, it’s easy to define lengths, angles, arcs, and
areas. Then, drop in custom symbols and labels for a completed sketch.

More mobile forms than any other vendor
TOTAL for Mobile includes the 1004, 1004 UAD, 2055, 2055 UAD, AIC, Condo, Condo UAD, Disaster Inspection, ERC, Field Review, GP Condo, GP Residential, GP Land, 1004C, 1025, and more on the way!

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