Appraiser Solutions Guide Spring 2016 | Page 20

TOTAL for Mobile

Unlike other companies, we’re truly mobile-centric. Since 1991, we’ve built our own mobile tools to work seamlessly with our desktop products instead of relying on a third party. So it’s no surprise our TOTAL for Mobile app is the perfect companion for TOTAL.

All the field data you collect (including voice notes, photos, sketches, and more) on your iOS® or Android™ device flows into your TOTAL report
and your Spectrum Digital Workfile built into TOTAL.

Even if you’ve tried other apps before, they don’t compare. Bottom line: You’ll be completely paperless and won’t need a clipboard or other cumbersome devices again. Best of all, it’s 100% free!

Why it’s the best app for appraising
• Intuitive interface lets you get in and go
• No Wi-Fi or data connection needed to collect data and sketch
• Start reports from PC or mobile, data flows seamlessly through the cloud
• Take unlimited photos within the app and they’ll be correctly placed in your report
• Prioritize the most important fields to collect the data you need most right away
• Sketching is as easy as swipe and tap
• Built-in driving directions for comps
• Add voice notes on the fly and use speech-to-text to fill out your report data
• Works with your Bluetooth® DISTO™ laser measurers

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