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The water cycle revisited wait before they go, I say to them: Yes, you can go to the toilet but when you come back, the password is… use a computer. Here, as 'password', I am picking a tricky word item or phrase that we have recently been studying. reincorporate themselves into the regular classroom activity in progress when they return, we have created a mini-opportunity for additional writing practice. We can also tailor the password, asking for a word item that we know or suspect that the particular child asking might need to When the student comes back, in order to rejoin practise at that time in the course. You can see the class, they need to write the password onto the from the above pictures, for example, that I need to erasable section of our toilet poster as seen below. check that one of my seven-year-olds knows that use is spelt with at 'e' not an 'i', so this small additional lesson stage is already telling me things I need to know. I look forward to seeing you all at future APPI events where I shall report back on how I have developed these two strategies further and where I would love to hear if you have experimented with them yourselves. In the meantime, I wish you strength and energy in your teaching and hope you enjoy your classes. C HRIS R OLAND | ELI S EVILLE | S EVILLE - S PAIN Festivities -Thanksgiving Here’s an idea to introduce and celebrate Thanksgiving with Very Young Learners. With this video teachers can raise cultural awareness by talking about cultural aspects of Thanksgiving traditions, namely food. The teacher can even adapt the lyrics to Portuguese traditional food in a similar festivity - Christmas Eve. The erasable part of the toilet bowl is made from laminating film that has been through the machine once. I know that the drawing itself leaves much to be desired and am working on a more refined version but, by anchoring language to the child's desire to