Annual Report 2021 - 2022 | Page 17

There are countless benefits to building with this technology. It’s lightweight, highly durable, earthquake-resistant, lasts over 100 years, cleans up plastic waste from our environment, reduces our carbon footprint, uses the circular economy, and it’s efficient and easy to use. It’s as easy as building with adult Lego! Building schools with this technology also means we touch on 11 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, increasing our impact exponentially.

As we have gone on this journey of rebuilding schools in Lombok with Block technology, we have come to understand another significant need on the island; homes. Over 4000 homes are still in need of rebuilding following the destruction caused by the 2018 earthquakes. For this reason, we have expanded our Block program to include Block Homes. The main structure of a Block Home can be built in two days, and each home will be equipped with a toilet and water system.

Indonesia’s location on the “Ring of Fire”, an area around the edges of the Pacific Ocean where many earthquakes occur, makes it particularly vulnerable to earthquakes. Earthquakes do not cause severe harm or death. Most serious injuries and deaths occur due

injuries and deaths occur due to buildings collapsing during an earthquake. Building Block Homes and Block Schools from this lightweight material that, if it were to fall, would cause minimal harmful effects, provides a positive building solution for Lombok and Indonesia.

Our vision has grown now that we have learned about Block technology. A Block Solutions factory is currently begin built in Lombok. This factory will produce Blocks using Indonesia’s plastic waste. Our first goal is to launch and implement our major programs in Lombok with Blocks produced in Indonesia. We want to see Lombok rebuilt from the earthquakes sustainably using this technology. Our second goal is to expand these programs into other countries that have suffered from disasters or have a high need for schools and housing. We hope Block Solutions factories will scale and expand across Asia and Africa.