Annual Report 2018 | Page 3

ANNUAL REPORT 2017-2018 | 3 CONTENTS 4  Message   from the   Chair and CEO nn in Townsville Ayr Ca m pa sp e Ri ve Bo r Burdekin Dam we Cape River Mount Coolon We work across the Suttor River 146,000km 2 of the Burdekin Dry Tropics NRM region. Alpha n gi Bowen Bo e Ri ve ve r 8  Corporate  partners Improving   the quality    of water     flowing to    the reef 18 r  Building  resilience    in grazing Collinsville Ri   Our program areas 10 Home Hill Charters Towers 6 er e Riv Clark ekin Ru er Greenvale iv g R Br ok en Ri ve r 22 Protecting threatened    species 26  Engaging Traditional    Owners 30  Community partnerships 32   Partners and  supporters 34  Financial  information