Annual Report 2018 | Page 4

A YEAR TO REMEMBER In June 2018, I began my role as the new Registrar and CEO of the CPSO. It was a great privilege to be given this role and the change mandate I was tasked with was challenging yet exciting. Change is difficult but absolutely necessary in order to be successful in the ever-changing health-care environment. Much of our early success was thanks to the confidence and trust of the CPSO Council and staff. One of the key changes was to improve the relationship with our members – the thousands of physicians who work hard to provide quality care to the patients of Ontario. We cannot successfully serve in the public interest without working with those providing the care. We have improved communications with our members and I have visited with hundreds of physicians at various events across the province. What we heard reinforced what we knew had to be done and the road ahead was going to be challenging. During those last six months of 2018, we began to make Right-Touch Regulation an area of focus. We aim to be the regulator that is consistent, proportionate, targeted, transparent, accountable and agile. This new framework required us to look at our processes and make continuous improvements across the organization. We successfully launched Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and have also 2018 lowered our time to respond to complainants from 21 business days to two business days. Our ability to resolve concerns and complaints more efficiently and effectively is having a resoundingly positive effect on patient and physician satisfaction. We also launched our strategic planning process in 2018 and had enthusiastic participation from physicians, patients, and our health-care partners. I look forward to sharing our final plan very soon. In the coming year, we will be heavily focused on Quality Improvement. Led by Dr. Sheila Laredo, we have begun piloting our three new QI tools: New Member Orientation; Practice Profile; and Self- Guided Chart Review. Early feedback on these tools from our physician pilot program participants has been extremely positive. As I look back on my first six months on the job, I think we’ve made some great progress, all thanks to an amazing group of dedicated CPSO Staff, an engaged and supportive Council and physicians who are open to working with us. I am excited to work together to shape the future of professional regulation. Warmest regards, Nancy Registrar and CEO CPSO ANNUAL REPORT 2018 // page 4