Annual Report 2018 | Page 3

WELCOME 2018 The past year was an extraordinary time of re- invention for the College, as we evaluated some of our long-held approaches and found newer, modern ways to ensure quality care for the public. This new direction was led by Dr. Nancy Whitmore, who assumed the position of Registrar and CEO in early June. When Nancy started at the College, she did a measured review of our work and moved quickly to revitalize a number of areas of core business. Her changes have been bold and visionary. For example, by putting an increased focus on early resolution processes, she significantly reduced the length of time that complainants and physicians must wait for a decision. This redistribution of resources also better positions us to anticipate and respond to issues of public and patient safety. Nancy also began building partnerships with the physicians of the province with an enthusiasm that will only further our mandate of public protection in strong and practical ways. The past year was notable for our proposals to government for governance change. As you may well know, there is a provincial and national move to modernize governance models, including health regulatory bodies. Rather than simply watch changes unfold without our input or participation, we chose to be proactive. After extensive review and discussion, our Council submitted our proposals to government. We anticipate that the Board – as it will likely be called - will be much smaller, and separation of the committee work of the CPSO from the Board will almost certainly follow. As 2018 ended, we began to ramp up plans for a strategic plan. You will hear more about this initiative in coming months. But it is clear that there is only more change ahead – as we continue to find new ways to modernize medical regulation for the 21st century. Sincerely, Dr. Steve Bodley 2018 President Dr. Steve Bodley, 2018 President CPSO ANNUAL REPORT 2018 // page 3