Annual Report 2016 | Page 15

Member Report T Crocus Trail here's no better way to celebrate International Trails Day than by reopening a picturesque section of the Trans Canada Trail. The celebration of the trail reopening was held on site at the junction of Highways 83 and 57. Representatives from Crocus Trail, Municipality of Roblin, Trans Canada Trail as well as Member of Parliament, Robert Sopuck were on hand to offer congratulations and to explore the efforts of the past several months For several reasons the Duck Mountain Provincial Forest section of Crocus Trail has been a frustration for the Crocus Trail Committee. Flooding due to beaver activity made sections of the trail impassible. It was important to find a solution to these mounting issues that prevented this section, noted for its beauty and as the entryway into Manitoba from Saskatchewan, from being functional. In partnership with Trans Canada Trail and with encouragement from TCT's Trisha Kaplan, the Crocus Trail Committee pursued the highly ambitious plan of having the 8 km. section of trail ready in the eight months prior to the opening event. Permissions and advice were received from local trapper Chuck Karney, Vern Bauman of Louisiana Pacific (who have cutting rights in the area), the Roblin snowmobile club, and officials from Manitoba Water Stewardship, and Sustainable Development, This information was shared with Aaron Goethe, who maintains roads for forestry companies in the area, and the team of Moe Laviolette and Brayden Magnowski of Russell Redi-Mix who were responsible for the bulk of the repair work. Annual Report 2016-Trails Manitoba p.15