Annual Report 2016 | Page 16

Member Report Chairperson Hugh Skinner has been on the committee since its inception and was a major part of decision making and provided physical labour at various stages of the project. Crocus Trail would not remain a committee without the hours of dedication that Hugh continues to provide. Crocus Trail hired Mike Hayward as Project Manager as the first step to a successful project. Mike took personal pride in the project and the trail is a tribute to his dedication to the job. The committee was fortunate that the project partners were cooperative and able to offer their expertise to the project to make the best decisions on how to solve the current problems and avoid future issues. More refining of the trail is required but at present the trail is ready for exploring. A team of bicyclists eagerly headed out after the opening ceremonies. Their views of lakes, geese, and pelicans and the fascination of finding animal tracks on the trail have led others to be anxious to see the beauty of the trail through their own eyes. Crocus Trail wishes to thank Trans Canada Trail as they were the major funder for the project. Additional funds were provided by Louisiana Pacific. Annual Report 2016-Trails Manitoba p.16