Annual Report 2016 | Page 8

Member Report It seems that every year gets busier for our Association and 2016 was certainly the busiest as we tied up loose ends before the Trans Canada Trail Official Connection this year. Infrastructure Manitoba Approvals For whatever reason, even though we had worked hand-in-hand with the department when we were determining the route of our Trail in 2002, it had never been “officially approved”. So in January 2016, we started the process of going along every metre with department staff. Twelve outstanding issues were identified, most of these requiring distance measurements from provincial roads to our trail. Today, only two remain. Progress is also being made in regards to our north and south links, crossing the Red River and PTH 75 respectively. A big thank you to Trails Manitoba, for their assistance. Access Points Project We identified ten locations along our 193-km of trail, where people can park and access the Crow Wing Trail. At each of these locations is an “Access Point Sign” and Trans Canada Trail highway signs on adjacent provincial roads (installed by MI). We are currently working on historical and modern maps of the Crow Wing Trail that will be part of our trailhead signs at these locations. Crow Wing Trail raised funds for the design and Trans Canada Trail is covering the cost of the signs. Trail Maintenance Since 2012, we have been matching the Trails Manitoba Maintenance Grant to rent a tractor and mower (bulldozer when necessary) and pay a few volunteers a modest honorarium to maintain the entire 193-km of trail. In 2016, in addition to two mowing passes, additional signs were installed and timely repairs were done following wind storms and river bank slides. Matching the grant is quite a challenge and our operating fund is quickly depleting. (Continued on page 9) Annual Report 2016-Trails Manitoba p.8