Annual Report 2016 | Page 7

Member Report Transcona Trails The past year has been busy for Transcona Trails. We received more invitations to be active in community events. The community became more aware of our organization and we received more unsolicited donations from local businesses. Transcona Trails continues to advocate for improving the current trails in Transcona, completing the Transcona Trail, and building links between trails so they are easy to use for recreation and commuting. Upgrading of trails in 2016: � � � � � � � � A new park bench was installed on the Transcona Trail near Transcona Boulevard. A new garbage can and park bench were installed on the Dugald Trail near Plessis Road. Construction status of short new asphalt trails in Transcona: The path on Plessis Road from Dugald Road to Pandora Avenue is completed. Meadowlark Trail on Peguis Street is 2/3 completed. It has large gaps. Neighbourhood construction is ongoing. The path on Reenders from Peguis Street to Stapon Road is completed. Flamingo Crossing is ¾ finished. It needs a short section along the edge of the casino parking lot. Sir Wilfred Laurier Trail is near completion. Val Cousineau The city recently announced plans to build the western extension of the Transcona Trail in 2019. This is great news. Annual Report 2016-Trails Manitoba p.7