Annual Report 2016 | Page 5

Border to Beaches consists of over 40 individual initiatives throughout the 385 kilometres of trail. This project will link completed sections of trail and connect Grand Beach Provincial Park and the Whiteshell Provincial Park. “It is very satisfying for Trails Manitoba to achieve another milestone with completion of the Border to Beaches trail project”, said Marissa Zurba, Acting President and Vice President of Trails Manitoba. “This Border to Beaches milestone and the achievement of 95% trail connectivity in the province has been made possible because of the strong support of provincial and federal funding, an excellent TCT partner and the many Manitoba volunteers and donors who have contributed to trail development.” “Trans Canada Trail is delighted to have been able to support Trails Manitoba in the development of the Border to Beaches project,” said Deborah Apps, TCT President & CEO. “It will enhance the lives of Manitobans and is sure to become a world-class tourist destination in short order. We’re very proud to count it as part of The Great Trail.” Border to Beaches was an important pilot project, both for Manitoba and for Trans Canada Trail. The approaches and solutions learned in this project assisted in the completion of other large segments of the trail, contributing to The Great Trail system connecting Canada from sea to sea to sea. Manitoba has a diverse geography and the Border to Beaches project will allow more Manitobans and visitors to experience the province through improvements to trails and connectivity between them. Border to Beaches connectivity focused on finding regional and site-specific solutions for trail building challenges. The new trail infrastructure was created by over 40 individual tendered projects from 2010 through 2016. 383 kilometers of the 385 kilometer long Border to Beaches Trail or 99.5% was connected from the Ontario border to the beaches of Beaconia. Annual Report 2016-Trails Manitoba p.5