Annual Report 2016 | Page 11

Member Report Pinawa Trail Association (PTA) The Pinawa Trail Association has been busy this past fall and winter on a number of projects. Thanks to a Trails MB Maintenance Grant we have shored up the end of a walking bridge that was sagging and slipping down a channel bank. We have completed a dual trail between the Pinawa lagoons and the Seven Sisters dike so winter traffic is two-way (National Trails Coalition Project). It was signed as a shared trail for walkers, hikers and snowmobilers and the north side has a finished tread as the TCT. Some spots require more topping at the Whiteshell Park boundary and just east of the lagoons. This will be finished as soon as it dries up. The TCT designed and fabricated some attractive distance signage for us and these 15 signs will be installed this Spring. Pinawa Suspension Bridge Sample sign showing distance to 4 major entry points. Our partners, The Pinawa Friends of the TCT, have been collecting data with their new EcoCounter and this will assist in grant procurement and direct maintenance funds to heavily used sections. The Pinawa Trail is 100% connected from the Seven Sisters Generating Station through the town of Pinawa to the Pinawa Dam Provincial Park. Annual Report 2016-Trails Manitoba p.11