Annual Report 2016 | Page 10

Member Report This historic trail was established in 1970 to celebrate Manitoba’s Centennial and has been developed and maintained through the years by local Scouts and Girl Guides. The trail begins just east of Caddy Lake on the south side of Hwy 44 and travels west to Ross Lake. The trail is 37.0 kms in length with options for varied hiking distances. The Centennial Trail offers a unique adventure as it marked by inukshuks or piles of rocks accompanied by arrow signs. This rugged trail will take hikers through the majestic Canadian Shield landscape. Hikers will climb steep ridges of granite interspersed with lush valleys; traverse beaver dams; cross numerous tiny streams; pass through the quiet stillness of the lush sphagnum moss bogs; and view tiny lakes and water lily ponds. Under the B2B project initiatives in 2015/16, the trail was developed westward from Ross Lake to the Alf Hole Goose Sanctuary. The new section circling Ross Lake was finished in 2016. Work was completed on the Bear Lake to McGillivray Falls portion – the junction heading to Hanson’s Creek has been clearly marked. The steep incline just after the beaver dam has been mitigated by moving the trail slightly eastward. There was a significant wind storm and high water levels in the summer of 2016 which resulted in downed trees and flooded sections. Unfortunately, due to the high water, the bridge crossing McGillivray Falls was damaged leaving a gap in the Centennial Trail as the trail travelled a portion of the McGillivray Trail. We are awaiting Sustainable Development’s plans for that section. There is also a gap at the Hanson’s Creek location. The Trail group is currently seeking grants and donations in order to erect a permanent bridge structure. Centennial Trail logos designed! We have been approved for 200 cobranded “The Great Trail” and “Centennial Trail” signs. These new signs should be installed in 2017 and will assist users in identifying the difference between the Blue Highway Mountain Biking Trail and the Centennial TCT Future plans include establishing a website and information kiosks at the following parking areas on Highway 44: - telecommunications tower; former Telford parking area; opposite the Bear Lake Hiking Trail and opposite Caddy Lake Beach. Annual Report 2016-Trails Manitoba p.10