Ang Kalatas April 2016

OVERSEAS VOTING STARTS APRIL 9 Volume VI No 7 | APRIL 2016 | | [email protected] | | +angkalatas | @angkalatas Ph oto :m b.c om .au OVER 2000 PINOYS EXPECTED TO CAST VOTES IN SYDNEY p04 SOLIDARITY WITH FARMERS Full story page 12 A group of Pinoys in Sydney recently staged a protest outside the Philippine Consulate to express their concern over the plight of poor farmers in the homeland. The protest, led by the Migrante NSW, called on the Philippine government to act with fairness, justice, and passion on the case of farmers in Kidapawan, North Cotabato. For three days, over a thousand farmers and their supporters blockaded the Davao-Cotabato Highway in Kidapawan to air their grievance. The demonstration ended violently with at least three deaths on the side of the protesters and a total of 116 injured on both sides after the police dispersed the mass action. Photo supplied.