Altitude June 2012

Altitude 2497 COSFORD SQUADRON 4th JULY 2012 June Cosford Band Activities June has been a very busy month on Cosford Squadron’s calendar. We started the month by being asked, last minute, to fill in at a celebratory air show held at RAF Shawbury. So on Friday 1st of June 13 cadets (some having to take a day off school) boarded the squadron mini bus and set course for Shawbury. The journey was filled with chatter and laughter until suddenly, approaching an island, strange noises erupted from the engine. Then stopping for the traffic, the bus gave up and cut out. The sound of the engine failing to tick over significantly increased the laughter. Safely the cadets dismounted the bus and made their way to the side of the road where they awaited rescue from another Squadron. After a long wait they eventually arrived at Shawbury minus the mini bus. Thankfully, a kind person had towed the trailer to Shawbury, so the Cadets off loaded the band equipment, listened to their brief and awaited the arrival of the chief of air staff. All in all the day was a success and the show, celebrating 90 years of RAF Shawbury ran without a hitch. Following this event, the Squadron was invited to play at Newport Carnival on Saturday 2nd. Unfortunatley, the mini bus was in for repair so all attending cadets had to make there own way to Newport. They got their equipment and made their way down to the the Carnival’s starting point. The Cadets had the honor of leading the whole parade through the streets of Newport with the tractor towing the Carnival’s Royal float at their heels. Up coming Events : ? QUEEN VISITS COSFORD-12TH JULY ? ALBRIGHTON FAIR– 14TH JULY ? SECTOR SHOOT14TH-15TH JULY ? ANTIQUES ROADSHOW-26TH JULY The streets of Newport were packed with thousands of spectators giving the band a huge audience!! It was a long parade, requiring a number of short rest stops. Fortunately, the weather just about held up. ? LARGE MODEL AIRCRAFT RALLY-28TH29TH JULY ? SUMMER CAMP11TH AUGUST ? GIC-8TH SEPTEMBER ( FOR MORE DETAILS ON ANY OF THE ABOVE SEE THE NOTICE BOARD OR ASK THE APPROPRIATE STAFF MEMBERS ) The day was enjoyable with the cadets being allowed time to look around the Carnival before making their way home. They managed to get the above picture in the Shropshire Star as well! Page 1 Please feel free to give feedback to