Alfreds I & II Operation Manuals 2 - Page 12

Engine  start  and  stop   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Remove shore power Remove instrument covers Turn on, instruments, vhf Check engines are both in neutral inside and outside controls Check there are no ropes in the water around the boat Turn key clockwise to start position. Lights on screen will all come on. When you hear the engine start release the key. Lights will turn off. Rev counter will sit just below 600rpm Do the same with the other engine Check at the stern for sea water leaving both exhausts. If there is no cooling water then shut down immediately and speak to RPAYC sailing office. To shut down engines push and hold the stop button. When the engine is no longer running turn key to the off position. Nb. if key turned to off prior to pushing the stop button the engine will not stop as you will have turned off the circuit as it is an electric stop. •  As well as hearing the noise reduction the rev counter returns to zero when the engine has stopped. •  Ensure controls are left in neutral. Shut everything down. Plug in shore power and return keys and equipment to the office ©  2016  Above  &  Beyond   Boa3ng     12