AHSN Impact Report 2022 - Page 8

Acting against climate change

If we continue to do the same things , we ’ ll get the same results . Innovation is critical in enabling us all to do things differently and can help tackle the climate crisis . Deputy Chief Executive , Kathy Scott , talks about how we use our unique position between the NHS and industry to horizon scan and identify evidenced-based , green solutions that can support the NHS ’ Net Zero targets and reduce environmental impact .
Towards the end of 2021 , world leaders gathered in Glasgow for COP26 , a meeting described as the last chance to act to save the planet . Whilst we joined the online conversations as an organisation during the two-week event , we have been working hard over the last year to show that you don ’ t need to be part of a conference of that scale to make a difference .
We can all contribute to the green agenda , and as the national sustainability lead for the AHSN Network , the Yorkshire & Humber AHSN is committed to its role in identifying and spreading environmentally sustainable healthcare innovations .
8 Transforming Lives Through Innovation
Kathy Scott , Deputy Chief Executive
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