Africa Market Briefing 2013 - Page 16

m3sat_m3sat 30/10/2013 09:46 Page 1 he ultimate team of Italian companies, Elber, M-Three Satcom and Telsat, represents a reference point for the international TV and Radio broadcasting sector, proposing full integrated and top level services, products and systems for all fields of Audio Video and Data delivery. The Group integrates specific expertise and experiences in a synergistic strategy directed to supply cost effective and efficient solutions, from single elements in compression, transmission and distribution to complete solutions for regional projects or Country’s digitalisation systems. From network planning and station engineering, to the complete realization of DVB-T/T2 networks including transmitters, cable and antenna systems, microwave and satellite backhaul. The group T products in every part of the world. From its HQ in Carasco – in the north west of Italy and through many satellite and partner companies, Elber designs and manufactures Microwave Links for TV and radio, Satellite Equipment, DSNG Solutions, MMDS and MVDS Systems. Even if its core business still remains the supply of fixed microwave links for big network operators, the need for fast and reliable connections, even in tough environments, led Elber to focus its attention on the design of equipment for DSNG and Newsgathering, integrating in the CLEBER platform multiple functionality and devices such as portable microwaves, modulators, receivers, encoders, decoders and media converters. Furthermore, new products have been developed for Studio applications such as the RK1000 flexible HD-SDI/ASI change-over. The world is switching from Three Italian companies have teamed up to offer full and integrated services for AV and Data delivery. provides a wide range of solutions based on the high quality standard required by top operators, with a tailored approach and a pricing model meeting the needs of emerging companies: l Head End solutions for DVB-T/T2, DAB/DAB+ and DVB-S/S2 l Microwave links, fixed and portable l Transmitters and tower integration, building and installation l On field analysis, coverage analysis and evaluation l Consultancy in frequency and radio spectrum management l Installation, coordination and training l OB Van and DSNGs supplying and integration l Teleport integration l Full transmission operation (fibre optics, radio, satellite) for contribution and DTH distribution The beginning and the future – Elber pioneering TV network solutions Established in 1978, at the outset of TV and Radio liberalisation in Italy, Elber has been producing and installing wireless systems for point to point or broadcast distribution. As a Leader in the Italian Market since the 1990s, the company has been developing international business and can see a widespread diffusion of its 16 AFRICA Briefing The main Italian customers are RAI - Radio Televisione Italiana, Telecom Italia Media Broadcasting, Rete A - Gruppo Espresso and Sky Italia, while all over the world many national and private television networks choose Elber equipment for their networks; RTBF Belgium, RTV Slovenija, Televisa Mexico, TV Azteca, DigitalB Albania, GMA Philippines and many others. System integration and high quality equipment by Telsat Since 1998 Telsat has supplied and integrated high quality equipment and cooperates as a main distributor and logistic centre for major producers in the broadcast world. From the main facility - its cutting edge warehouse and laboratories are based in the North of Milan – a skilled team of electronics, IT and civil engineering experts, project-manage and realise turnkey solutions for signal distribution, network coverage, planning, integration of all range of antennas and tower systems, up to the delivery of the signal routing (satellite or terrestrial). It has ?????)????????????????????????????????????)????????????????????????????Q????)????????????????????????????????????)?????????????????????????????????)???????????????????????????????)???????????)5??????????????????????)???????????Q???????????A????????)9???????????????M ??????????)????????????????????)???????-?????????????)M?????????????????????((