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LEISURE Food Safe 1 A training program for volunteers, students, workers, supervisors, and operators. Having a Foodsafe certificate is a plus when job searching. The LEVEL 1 course emphasizes the top ten improper practices that cause food borne illness plus the top six job hazards in food preparation and serving. As per the food premises regulation, every operator or one employee per shift, of a food service establishment is required to have a FOODSAFE certificate. Bring lunch. George Elliot Sec - Rm #113 Instructor: Lorrie Henderson Sunday May 25 8:30-4:30 pm 1 Day $79 + tax Code: 0514.112 Goodbye Gluten HELLO Wheat free Alternative Cooking The popular trend today is that more and more people are feeling and seeing the benefits of a wheat free diet. Losing weight and better digestion are some of the common results. Do you know what is left to eat that doesn’t have wheat in it? This class uncovers some delicious alternatives and substitutes to wheat that are delicious and nutritious. Give it a try. Come out and explore new recipes that can be prepared without using any gluten or wheat. You never know… some of these recipes may become your family favorites. George Elliiot School – Room 119 Mon Apr 28 $39 + tax 1 class Instructor: James Johnson 6:30-8:30 pm Code: 0414.116 Superfoods Made Easy An exciting class to explore, taste and create some awesome recipes made with simple superfood. This is a perfect opportunity for you to discover recipes like flax seed crackers, chocolate pudding made with avocados, almond nut milk, and a delicious cashew dill dip to name a few. Ingredients you have always seen at the grocery store but now get to try in tasty recipes. For example, learning how to cook a super grain like quinoa (Keen-Wa) in a recipe or learning how to grow sprouts at home. Discover how to prepare raw vegetables to harness their enzymes making them tastier than just eating them plain. The goal is to learn how to make cooked and raw recipes with superfoods that are easy to make. Go for it and venture out trying superfoods that will compliment your existing lifestyle. Your body will thank you including your waistline if you adopt some of these new superfoods into your diet. A FREE bonus “sprouting” gift will be given to all the participants. George Elliiot School – Room 119 Wed Apr 9 $39 + tax 1 class Instructor: James Johnson 6:30-8:30 pm Code: 0414.115 Balloon Animal Twisting 101 Join veteran variety comedy entertainer James Johnson as he teaches the secrets behind the basics of twisting balloon animals. This is a “must have” skill for birthday parties, daycare activities, and school games etc. Balloon animals bring an instant smile to faces young and old. James will introduce you to the basic twists step by step to make all the basic animals kids love. It’s really easy once you see someone else do it. Sign up now and add a little fun and flare to your life. Perfect if you are an event coordinator, care aid, teacher or just a cool parent who likes making people feel good! Keep in mind this is a rare opportunity to learn from a Pro so book early. Space is limited and this course books up fast! Balloons and professional pumps will be supplied. *An option of purchasing animal balloons for a “special” discounted wholesale price will be offered only to participants at the end of the class. George Elliiot School – Room 118 Thurs Apr 10 $30 + tax 1 class Instructor: James Johnson 6:30-8:30 pm Code: 0414.118 Power Smoothies No doubt smoothies can be the quickest and fastest way to provide your body with optimal nutrition. You can use them for a boost in the morning, after a workout or when the kids get home for school. Smoothies can be really satisfying but they need to taste and look good for them to be popular. Now is your chance to learn the secrets of how to mix and match ingredients for the perfect smoothie. Have you ever tried avocado and spinach in a coffee smoothie? Don’t laugh until you try it! In this high-energy class with James Johnson, you can expect to try different types of smoothies using fruits, veggies and some surprise ingredients. The combinations will be outrageously delicious to please even the most skeptical taste buds! George Elliiot School – Room 119 Thurs May 1 $39 + tax 1 class Instructor: James Johnson 6:30-8:30 pm Code: 0514.117 Re g i s t e r: O n l i n e w w w . o k or Phone 250-766-5650 Page 8