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LEISURE Equine Emergency & Disaster Preparedness Your horses are your responsibility. In BC there is no designated government or disaster agency responsible for the evacuation, transportation and temporary stabling of horses during large scale incidents. Horse Council BC has developed a set of guidelines to help horse owners prepare for the worst. Lorraine Pelletier, Equine Canada Certified Western Coach & Professional Trainer and LEPS Rep & CDART member will review these guidelines that will provide you with information to assist you to plan and prepare in case of an emergency situation. This course is geared to Equine owners; however, material will be informative for other types of animals. All materials and a basic emergency kit will be included with registration. George Elliot – Library Instructor: Lorraine Pelletier Thurs April 10 6:30-8:30 pm 1 class $26 + tax Code: 0414.107 Manure Composting Workshop Whether you need it or have it, this work shop is designed to help horse owners & small lot farmers discover the benefits of manure composting and how to achieve it. Manure topics to be discussed are common mismanagement issues, proper management, composting basics and pasture management basics followed by an in-depth look at how to properly site and choose a compost system, how to install a system and how to properly manage that system. Each participant will receive a copy of “Land Management Guide for Horse Owners and Small-Lot Farmers”. George Elliot – Library Instructor: Lorraine Pelletier Sat 12:30-4 pm 1 class May 24 $35 +tax Code: 0414.108 Naturally Cooking...for Canines Craving ChangeTM Discover why you eat the way you do. Learn how to change your problematic eating habits. The Craving ChangeTM program is not a diet. It does not teach you what, when, where, or how much to eat. Rather it focuses on why you eat the way you do. As you become more aware of your own personal eating triggers, you will be better able to control your food cravings and change your problematic eating behaviours. This four-part series will focus on increasing your awareness of your eating behaviours, and will teach numerous strategies to assist you with overcoming barriers to achieve improved health. Sara, a Registered Dietitian and Certified Craving Change Facilitator, will guide you in reaching and maintaining a healthy weight by gaining control over your eating behaviour. Each person will receive their own comprehensive workbook included with registration. George Elliot - Library Facilitator: Sara Cormier, R.D. Mon Mar 31-Apr 28 (no class Apr 21) 6:30-8:30 pm $85 + tax 4 classes Code: 0314.110 Seated Massage Techniques This one night class will provide you with techniques to deliver a seated massage, perfect for today’s busy life. Learn from Registered Massage Therapist Hilary Barnard a variety of gentle, simple massage techniques to apply to the clothed body, in the seated position – perfect for attending to both life’s busy pace and, often static postured occupation, which can lead to increased tensions in the upper body and neck. With a partner, you will have the opportunity to experience the delivery of basic massage techniques as well as to receive a massage yourself. Registration fee is for a pair, please attend in pairs. George Elliot Sec - Library Instructor: Hilary Barnard, R.M.T. of Essential Health Massage Therapy Clinic Wed Apr 30 7:00-9:00 pm $50+tax per pair 1 class Code: 0414.111 This fun evening will give you the confidence to prepare food for your canine companion, naturally! Discover some of the many recipes that will help you reduce sugars, additives and fillers and provide a healthier diet for your dog. Demo recipe of Breakfast Bars from