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Four ACSers comprising team “ Little Bang ” defended their solutions to complex problems at the national round of the International Young Physicists ’ Tournament , held
*** The second edition of the European Court of Human Rights Mock Trial took place from the 6th to the 8th of March , 2020 , under the patronage of the European Parliament . The event , organized by seniors Kristabel Konta , Dora Angelova , and Rado Angelov , evolved into their Senior Independent Honors Project . The Mock Trial was made possible with the help of the dedicated members of the Human Rights Mock Trial Club . This year ’ s competition was unique with its large scale , as high school and university students came to participate from 8 Bulgarian cities , Frankfurt , Germany and Vienna , Austria . The workshops , social event , and the competition itself enriched the participants ’ knowledge . They had the chance to meet with exceptionally competent judges , who are laureates of international law competitions , coaches of law teams , active lawyers , and government workers in the European Court of Human Rights .
in Kyustendil . The meticulous preparation , sleepless nights and excellent team cohesion of seniors Nikolay Mitev ( team captain ) and Gergana Peykova , junior Todor Kiurkchiev and tenth-grader Atanas Iliev took team “ Little Bang ” to the top , both at the preliminary and final physics “ fights ”, and earned them gold medals .
*** The 2019-2020 basketball season was an exciting ride . ACS Girls basketball had a very successful season , with the varsity team winning more games than in any prior season . There was also enough interest to form an ACS Junior Varsity team for the first time , a promising sign for the future of ACS girls ’ basketball . In the NALB Sofia Schools League the ACS Girls Varsity team secured 2nd place for the season and the ACS Girls Junior Varsity team placed 4th .
The ACS Boys Varsity team battled back from a tough loss early in the season against AAS , and were able to overcome their adversaries in an impressive final game on home court to secure the 1st place finish and reclaim the