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On November 23th , 2019 , the students from the Italian Culture Club at ACS visited the St . Sofia Basilica and met with the temple ’ s Archbishop Angel Angelov . Our students donated sweets and other goodies for the underprivileged children in the Nadezhda Center and the Hemodialysis clinic for whom Father Angel provides care . Thanks to him , the students were also able to visit the museum under the Basilica “ St . Sofia ” and to learn more about the history of ancient Serdica and the Roman influences on the local culture .
After the boys ’ victory on December 14 , 2019 , we became an absolute record holder : four consecutive titles at the ACS Open Volleyball tournament in four consecutive years !
*** The premiere of the ACS literary journal The Fountain Winter 2019 edition took place in December . The topic of the traditional Literary Competition was “ Yellow Traffic Light ” and winners of this and the Cover Design competitions received their awards at the Gipson Library .
The awards for works on “ Yellow Light ” in Bulgarian went to Teodora Miteva and Dayana Milieva ( third place ), second place went to Elina Dimitrova while Yvette Dimitrova earned the top prize with her piece “ Five and a half .” In the English Language Competition Isabella Milanova ranked third , while Yoanna Stankova placed second . The first place went to Aleksandra Ladjeva for her work “ DGU ”. The latest edition features a cover by Georgette Petrova who won the Cover Design Contest , while Dara Sapundzhieva and Dayana Milieva came in third and second respectively .
*** In 2019 , the ACS Interact Club , led by its president Isabella Milanova and vice-president Iveta Petrovska , significantly increased the number of community service projects it organized and participated in . In November , the members of the club , 9-12 grade , organized an all-school food drive . With the help of students , parents , teachers , and staff members , in just 4 days the club collected more than 200 kg of canned and packaged goods for the “ People for People ” foundation , which distributes donations to 10 institutions of care for underprivileged children .
At the beginning of December , Interact members used money raised through a fundraiser to buy food , hygiene products , and Christmas treats for 3 homes for children deprived of parental care in Pavlikeni , Bulgaria , which were transported to the orphanages for free thanks to the generous offer of Speedy .
Near the end of 2019 , club members visited the home for elderly people “ Zona B-5 ” in Sofia and brought them food and handmade Christmas cards , sang songs , danced Bulgarian folk dances , and in two and a half hours made those people happy and witnessed the connection between two generations .
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