ACS_Giving_Report_2020 | Page 11

Here are some of the messages from teachers who joined the campaign :
Christian Youngs , Physics and Astronomy Teacher :
Many families have been hit hard by the ongoing economic crisis as a result of the pandemic . One of the things I love about ACS is the community we have built with our students and their families . I absolutely love my students . And I want to make sure all of them have the opportunity to return to campus this fall . This gift of security will go a long way towards alleviating the burden on families who only want the best education for their children .
Raya Gigova , Sports Teacher :
My students and I have unforgettable experiences on sports fields . We have incredible achievements in academics and sports . In my work with them I have always strived to teach them persistence , integrity and responsibility , which will bring them many successes in the life ahead . The “ Tuition Reduction Program ” has given many opportunities to ACS students to graduate and be a part of this community . I join this initiative , Gift of Security , which would give the same chance to others , and to future students at the College , to have the same opportunities in their lives .
Laurel Zmolek-Smith , ESL Teacher :
One of the main reasons that I chose to come teach at this international school , above all others , is because of the students . The students have to work really hard and be very dedicated in order to be able to come to this institution . And they have to continue to do that to stay here . They are very motivated , and it makes this school truly a unique and amazing place . That ’ s why it is really important – now that we ’ re facing an economic crisis – to be able to keep money concerns at bay , so that the students who really deserve to be here can stay here . And so we can preserve the spirit of this institution and the mission of just being a place for rigorous learning and thinking .
Zornitsa Semkova , PhD , Chair of the Liberal and Fine Arts Department :
As a department chair and IB coordinator I have a lot of administrative obligations , but the best time I have every single day is my time with my students . And many of them wouldn ’ t have been able to be at the American College of Sofia without the generous support of our sponsors and our scholarships .
Velislava Tsvetkova , ESL Teacher :
As an ACS teacher I have had the privilege of working with some of the brightest kids in Bulgaria and helping them grow both academically and socially . Today , I would like to add my voice in support of one more ACS campaign that seeks to help students - in particular , students who have the academic ability but need a little bit of financial help to be able to achieve their potential . I know from personal experience that the generous contributions of the ACS community and donors have helped a lot of young intellect to flourish . Numerous ACS success stories have been born as many students have been given the life-changing opportunity to follow their dreams . I am absolutely certain that every contribution we as adults can make will be an act of kindness that will transform the future of some of our students .