ACS_Giving_Report_2020 | Page 10

As the COVID-19 crisis engulfed the world in March and April , economic uncertainty and health restrictions led to recession . Small and family businesses got decimated . For us at ACS , this indicated potential rise in financial aid applications for 2020-21 .
In March , trustee Karen Collias gave 10,000 leva for financial aid .
“ A strong sense of community is one of the best things about ACS . It is important to maintain and strengthen the ACS community , ensuring that all of its members - students , parents , faculty , and staff - are able to navigate successfully through the Novel Coronavirus crisis . The ACS administration and staff have designed and implemented an excellent online curriculum to make sure all students remain connected and continue their education .”
“ I am an ACS trustee and member of the Education Committee . I decided to step in and help with a donation because to keep our community strong , we must consider all of its members . For now , it is crucial that we make sure we consider the immediate needs of all members of the ACS community , with a special concern that no member of our community is left out because of financial stress brought about by this pandemic .”
Karen Collias
By June , the ACS Development Office determined that 65,000 leva was needed to reach the previous year ’ s giving level . That was the origin of the Gift of Security campaign , aimed at collecting money for financial aid to support the ACS families hurt by the economic downturn .
We appealed to various leaders throughout our community to join in the effort . President Ewing kicked off the campaign with a video message . Favorite teachers recorded impassioned testimonials about wanting to see their students back in the classroom without any money concerns .
Alumni and trustees gave in record numbers and amounts . Former teachers and current parents of ACS students gave too . Those who had given in the past typically raised the amount of their gift , and new givers joined for the first time . The word resounded around the world where members of our community keep our mission at heart .
By the end of the day , August 31 , we had received 86,324.37 leva . It is a record in our school ’ s history .
This summer even the most far-flung members of this community rose to prove once again that the ACS family is strong and united . We can rely on each other , even in this time of dire economic crisis .
On behalf of the families of current students , we humbly thank every donor in this campaign .