ACE Issue 32 2022 | Page 25

of its operational time . This information prompted Natgraph ’ s team of engineers to develop a system for their already energy-efficient range of machinery which aligns dryer energy consumption with process activity . This same technology can be utilised in industries away from the print industry which would see similar times of downtime / nonproductive hours . This can be done using sheet sensors or using ready signals from external machinery .
The Intelligent Energy Control System recognises when the printing press is in standby condition and will automatically switch the complete dryer into a standby state with minimal power usage , whilst maintaining a controlled internal environment ready to re-start production on-demand .
The benefits of IECS are clear - we have seen energy savings of over 30 % in our customers ’ processes which over 12 months is the equivalent amount of energy as driving around 166,000 miles or 6.6 times around the equator in an electric vehicle .
In a world where sustainability and energy efficiency are becoming paramount due to increased energy prices , a key consideration for companies looking to upgrade their current drying and curing processes should be Natgraph ’ s Intelligent Energy Control System .
If you would like to speak with our engineers to see how much energy you could save by installing IECS , follow the link on our QR code below .
For further information , please visit www . natgraph . co . uk or follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram .
Market research shows that 84 % of consumers state sustainability is important to them when making purchase decisions , but 47 % say it costs too much to purchase sustainable products .
Hannah Vasey , Marketing Manager at Natgraph