ACE Issue 32 2022 | Page 24

Natgraph ’ s Intelligent Energy Saving Drying and Curing Solutions

Natgraph Ltd is the global leader in advanced drying and curing equipment for a myriad of industrial market sectors such as medical , security , print finishing and renewable energy , to name only a few . Here Hannah Vasey , Marketing Manager at Natgraph Ltd , explains the role of intelligent energy-saving technology in drying and curing process equipment and how it will increase profitability and lower energy costs for companies .

Sustainability , specifically energysaving , is currently a hot topic in the industry . Market research shows that 84 % of consumers state sustainability is important to them when making purchase decisions , but 47 % say it costs too much to purchase sustainable products . Natgraph is here to change this . We have developed an energy-saving solution which in typical cases , can pay for itself within a year .
Natgraph ’ s solution , Intelligent Energy Control System ( IECS ) considers how we can make our drying and curing machinery more energyefficient by drastically reducing energy consumption during machine downtime .
Tests conducted with a varied selection of Natgraph ’ s customers proved that in normal operation a conveyorised dryer will only be drying printed substrates for between 45 and 65 %