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Luker Rowe : Experts in our profession

I was thinking about the similarities between insurance brokers and audio visual hirers and others in the event industry , surprisingly there are some ( although I must admit not a lot !). The hire industry has some great companies – companies who always deliver , they do what they say , and when something goes wrong there is always someone there to help . They have built up a reputation for exemplary service .
At the other end there are the companies with out-of-date stock who just want to make the sale and have no interest in the needs of the client . Their rates may be cheap , but when things go wrong you find out why . Maybe they were very good at lighting hire , but ventured into sound hire without the necessary expertise .
Insurance broking has the same comparisons . There are a lot of good companies with experienced staff providing excellent advice . Often they will be Chartered , showing they have committed to provide high levels of staff training and follow a code of ethics .
There are others who solely sell on price . Then there are those who may be excellent in some areas , such as motor insurance , but don ’ t have the expertise to deal with clients in specialist trades .
Luker Rowe have been dealing with companies in the AV and events industry for over 30 years . We understand the industry , understand the cover you need and have professionally trained staff to advise our clients . We can ’ t always promise to be the cheapest ( who can ?), but we can promise to provide the best service and advice for our clients . Our Google reviews speak for themselves if you have a moment to take a quick look .
History & Clients
Case Study
Instead of concentrating on one case , I decided to cover several where we have helped our clients .
Working with the insurer and against the insurer To get the best deals for our clients , it is essential that we have good relationships with the insurers . But our clients come first , and when we think insurers are unfair to the detriment of our client , we will always fight against them .
One of our clients had a claim where goods were fraudulently stolen . The client had not met all the conditions of the insurance policy in obtaining proof of identity of the hirer and the insurer refused the claim .
Although we accepted the client had not fully met the policy conditions , we argued that the loss would still have occurred . The insurer did not agree , so we took our clients case to the Financial Ombudsman who overturned the insurer ’ s decision . Our client ’ s claim was paid in full and the Ombudsman also insisted the insurer paid 8 % interest since the date of the loss .
Helping after a claim Our client ’ s screens were badly damaged on stage by the heat of the pyrotechnics . The insurer paid the claim in full , but then didn ’ t try and recover their monies from the hirer . We explained that the hire terms clearly made the hirer responsible , but they thought that the chances of recovery were low and didn ’ t want to spend the time . So , we took on the recovery and obtained full reimbursement . Not only did this mean that the client was refunded their £ 2,500 policy excess , but also the claim didn ’ t affect their future premiums .