ABClatino Magazine Year 5 Issue 7 | Page 17

Por / By Maffy Malaver and Dora Inés Grosso


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The appearances of lights, even if they have a physical reason, will always have something mysterious.

That is why when in the swamps and fields of northern Argentina they say they see balls of light suddenly floating on the ground, especially after sunset, many believe that they are the souls of unrepentant sinners who rejected God and are in pain. They call it the Bad Light or the Mandinga Lantern as well and they say that people must pray and bite a knife to protect themselves.

In other Latin American places, they speak instead of a candle flame that can be seen in the distance,

and that they say appears when someone is dying.

Other times you can also hear an incessant peep, which belongs to the Bad Chicken, which although it sounds cute, it is better to take cover, because some misfortune is happening somewhere.

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