ABClatino Magazine Year 1, Issue 6 - June 2017 | Page 7

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Interview with


By: Andres San Millan

Andres San Millan Interview with myself In a recent interview in my mind with my self, perhaps as an attenuating result of an unexpected solitude, the usual question arose again: Andres, no more, say it, do not delay, do not stop, what the heck is your art, there is no one who understands it, there is no one who can endure it, you try to say, you want to tell, you have to share, or impart, or import, give it away, tell it already. What!? I would say that in a place of La Mancha whose name I do not want to remember ... Please. How it compares, if it can be compared, with the slopes of the moment of Post Vanguard and all that? I would say that... Can’t you think of anything? How slow! Who do you do it for? For an intelligent audience or for the one that passes by your place by accident, for both, for none, or is for that guy with silver and white suit that lives in a mansion hidden from the fantasies of your mind, from the fantasies of your success finally achieved ...

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