ABClatino Magazine Year 1, Issue 6 - June 2017 | Page 5

Spring and Summer are the natural months of exuberance, growth and discovery. They are also the ideal time to discover new lands and traditions while we renew energies through well-earned vacation time. This year join ABClatino for an experience that will reach to the core of your spirit and will make you vibrate to the rhythms of one of Latin’s most sensual, captivating, mysterious and fulfilling experiences.

Enrique Rob Lunski Ph.D


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It’s called TANGO, and you can travel with me and the ABClatino staff to the Paris of South America, Buenos Aires, during the International Tango Festival. Live the magic, meet new people, delight in the aromas of savory meals and taste the wine of gods. And yes, learn to tango and excite your senses in a trip you’ll remember forever. See page for more information and sign up for a free presentation of Argentina: A Tango Experience [email protected]

Attuning the Rhythm of Your Life

This is how we dance Tango in Argentina!

¡Así se baila el Tango en Argentina!