The Best Place for Pets is with Their PEOPLE
The Best Place for Pets is with Their PEOPLE
Interacting with animals can decrease levels of cortisol ( a stress-related hormone ) and lower blood pressure . Studies show that animals can also reduce loneliness , increase feelings of social support , and boost your mood .
Pets bring us joy in so many ways . But what if something changed and you weren ’ t able to care for your pet properly , like an illness , injury or job loss ? For many people , the idea of not having their pet in their life is heartbreaking .
Toni Kimble ’ s story started when she found out her neighbor , Nicki , was undergoing medical treatment and was struggling to care for her dog and two cats . She did not have family nearby to help her . After speaking with Nicki ’ s niece on the phone , Kimble offered to walk her dog , feed the cats and clean the litter boxes . This new routine brought her and her neighbor closer and they quickly became friends .
“ Animals need care and it would have broken Nicki ’ s heart to remove them from the home . She still loved her animals , and they loved her . She just needed a little help so they could stay together ,” said Kimble .
97 % of pet owners in the U . S . consider their pet a family member . When those owners struggle to care for these pets , it ’ s an opportunity to make a difference .
There are many ways you can take action to help keep pets with their people , including :
• Temporarily fostering a pet for a friend , neighbor or family member
• Donating pet food to a pantry
• Returning a lost cat or dog to their home
• Donating to the cost of veterinary care for a pet in your community .
“ Individuals can make a big difference . No action is too big nor too small ,” said Kimble . “ Knock on your neighbor ’ s door and see if they need assistance . Your offer can make all the difference , and you build a better community .”
Support Schools and YOUR Kids during Flu Season
Cold and flu season is upon us , but parents can take steps so kids can feel their best and don ’ t have to miss school due to illness . Here are a few top tips to keep your kids safe and schools thriving during flu season .
1 . Help Teachers – It is no surprise that teachers use their own money and resources when schools cannot meet classroom needs . When school starts , classrooms may be stocked with tissues , paper towels and supplies , but they run out quickly . Be proactive and show your teacher a little love by checking in to see how you can help refresh classroom supplies throughout the year .
2 . Apply for free wipes for your school – Disinfecting supplies are great to use in the classroom . Lysol partners with Frontline Impact Project , which allows teachers who apply to receive free disinfecting supplies for their classroom . Learn more at FrontlineImpact . org / Request-Wipes .
3 . Encourage healthy habits every day – Through the pandemic , your family focused on healthy habits like washing their hands , covering their coughs and sneezes , and throwing out used tissues . Continue to remind your children that they still need to follow these best practices while in school .
4 . Make handwashing a set routine – If your kids take the bus to and from school , they are exposed to a host of germs on public transportation . Encourage them to wash their hands as soon as they get to school . And , make handwashing with soap after school a house rule .
5 . Disinfect surfaces around the house – To help prevent the spread of illness-causing germs in school and at home , clean and disinfect kids ’ backpacks and lunchboxes , as well as surfaces the kids touch after they return from school . Disinfecting wipes and spray are an easy way to disinfect school items and surfaces , keeping your family safe !
Kids are enjoying their time in the classroom , learning and socializing in person again . While the focus is on making friends and growing their skills , they are also picking up a few less desirable things , like germs .
Disconnect from Work ... Recharge and Avoid BURNOUT
Taking a vacation or starting a fitness or meditation routine , can help avoid burnout . While finding the energy to carve out some “ me time ” is challenging , the effort can make a difference in the long run .
If you feel like the stress of work is making it difficult to unwind , you are not alone . Most Americans experienced work-related stress leading to emotional and physical exhaustion .
1 . Rethink the 9-to-5 grind – If you work from home , consider taking a break from your home office . Take your laptop to a park or set up on your deck or patio . If you must be in the office , take a break to disconnect and recharge .
For those who can work from anywhere , try a working vacation . Many hotels have adapted to remote working guests in appealing locations .
2 . Plan regular weekend getaways – If you can ’ t work remotely , plan weekend getaways throughout the year . Try to plan ahead of time . Just the act of planning a trip can help to alleviate stress and boost happiness .
3 . Unplug – To reduce stress , anger , depression , and improve sleep , consider turning off your phone , unplugging your TV and devices and treating yourself to a digital detox .
4 . Think outside the box – Whether practicing yoga or indulging in a massage , these proven stress-reduction activities have resulted in companies adding wellness programs to ward off employee burnout .
Create a quiet space at home to practice a form of wellness , or turn to local outlets like yoga studios and spas .
5 . Take the stress out of planning – Booking an all-inclusive resort is the best way to reduce the stress of planning a vacation . Most people feel mentally refreshed on vacation when they don ’ t have to worry about leaving the resort during their stay .
No matter which of these five tips you take , invest in your well-being and don ’ t let work become your whole life .