Why You SHOULDN ’ T ... continued from page 1 but you may change your tune once you ’ re up there . Falls from roofs account for over one-third of fall-related construction fatalities , and these are experienced professionals .
Falls happen for all kinds of reasons . One second of lost balance can lead to a whole world of trouble . All kinds of unforeseen events can cause a fall including early morning dew , brief summer showers , a sudden gust of winds , faulty equipment , or even a pesky insect . No matter how confident you are in your abilities , anyone can be a fall victim .
Plus , even if you don ’ t fall , there are all kinds of ways you can hurt yourself by cleaning your roof . It ’ s pretty easy to twist your ankle , strain your back , or suffer all sorts of cuts and bruises .
Insects - Despite what you may think , you might not be alone on your roof . Insects like wasps , hornets , and bees may have built nests in the area , especially in places that are difficult to see . Insect nests can be located on your roof , in your chimney , or in nearby trees .
If you clean your roof yourself , you risk running into these tiny creatures when you ’ re already in a vulnerable position . A swarm of wasps or hornets is the last thing you want to deal with while you ’ re trying to keep your balance . Not only are you susceptible to painful stings
The Good Life
Good Clean Funnies
How can you tell that a tree is a dogwood tree ? By its bark !
What do you call a flower that runs on electricity ? A power plant .
Why couldn ’ t the pony sing in the choir ? Because she was a little horse !
What can you catch but not throw ? A cold .
( hope you ’ re not allergic !), but you ’ re also more likely to fall .
Experience & Expertise - How many times have you cleaned a roof in your life ? For the average homeowner , the answer is not many . For the experienced roofing professional , the answer is a ton ! With that much experience and handson training comes a level of expertise that only professionals can reach
Here are a few things a roofing professional can spot in a second , but the average homeowner might miss : a potential weak spot , a leak or potential leak , areas in need of repair , signs the roof needs replacement .
Cost Effective - DIY enthusiasts will argue that hiring roof cleaning professionals is a “ waste of money .” However , cleaning your own roof is not necessarily a way to save money . If you clean your roof yourself , you will still have to purchase tools and supplies . Plus , actually doing the work will take you longer because you are not a trained and experienced professional . And in the end , despite your best efforts , your roof still may not be adequately cleaned .
Consider the costs of not getting a proper roof cleaning . The cost to repair roof damage or even replace your roof is considerably higher than routine cleaning . You ’ re simply making a small
A tropical twist on the Waldorf Salad ! Turkey breast and pineapple are tossed with crisp celery , red bell pepper , and green onion , finished with a creamy curried mango dressing .
/ 3 cup low-fat sour cream 2 tablespoons mango chutney 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice 1 tablespoon honey
/ 4 teaspoon curry powder 4 cups chopped cooked turkey 1 cup diced red bell pepper 1 cup diced celery 1 cup pineapple chunks 1 cup chopped orange segments
/ 2 cup of chopped green onion investment in your property that will pay off over time . Especially if your roof cleaning provider , like Northwest Roof Maintenance , offers preventative treatments to keep your roof in good shape for longer .
Time Is Valuable - Cleaning a roof is a time-consuming , labor-intensive process . That ’ s just another reason why you should leave roof cleaning to the professionals , so you can spend your time doing things you love .
Also , cleaning a roof isn ’ t really that fun . The staff at Northwest Roof Maintenance loves it , but we don ’ t expect the average homeowner to share our passion . So go out and enjoy your weekend with your friends and family . Come back to a clean roof !
Ready to Call in the Professionals ? - You shouldn ’ t just hire anybody to clean your roof . Make sure you work with experienced , well-trained professionals like the staff at YOUR _ COMPANY _ NAME . We help homeowners in the Portland-Vancouver area with roof cleaning , repair , moss cleaning , and preventative treatments . Our friendly , expert consultants will take a look at your roof and recommend only the services we know will benefit you and your property .
TROPICAL Turkey Salad
For the dressing , blend sour cream , chutney , lemon juice , honey , and curry powder in a small bowl . Mix well , and refrigerate until ready to use .
In a large bowl , combine turkey , red pepper , celery , pineapple , orange segments , and green onion . Add dressing , and toss well to coat . Refrigerate for 1 hour before serving .
Prep Time :
20 minutes Additional Time : 1 hour Total Time : Servings : 12
1 hr 20 minutes
Recipe courtesy allrecipes . com