Exercising your pet helps recognize your own need to exercise .
Your pet loves you and you love your pet back . That single emotional exchange is one of the reasons that pets can encourage a healthy emotional mindset , says psychologist Therese J . Borchard .
Borchard says the presence of a pet gives structure and responsibility to a human life . Pets must be fed and tended to , preferably on a schedule ,
If we wish to collapse disgruntled in a chair at the end of the day , there is that friendly wet dog
nose , urging us for a pet and to go for a walk .
Just petting your animal reduces stress-related responses in the brain , according to a study by the University of Virginia . This distraction can be an effective therapy that stops a person from obsessively ruminating on problems or issues .
And finally , just the feeling of love given and returned with our pet , is enough to make life a little more meaningful .

Publish YOUR Life Story

Write your life story , then publish it in a beautiful hardcover book to give as gifts . Today , the process is inexpensive and fun with many online websites designed to help you .
Photo books are great family mementos and , when you add names and stories , they can tell a lot about your family ’ s history . If you don ’ t want to scan photos yourself , try one of the many scanning services such as Memories Renewed , Scan Digital , or Dig My Pics . They will turn snapshots and slides into high quality scans .
Once you have your photos ready , the next step is to get your story ready and match photos to text . Then , select a book-making company . There are many online : ubuildabook . com , My Canvas , Blurb , Mixbook and Shutterfly .
Once finished , the company will mail a beautiful full-color book on high quality paper .

ROAD TRIP Checklist

The publishing company will typically keep your book project on hand so you can order more .
Use a penny to check tire treads . Stick a penny in the tread so that Lincoln ’ s head is upside down and facing you . If you can see his whole head , it ’ s time to replace the tire .
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If vacation-time means a road trip , a few simple preparations can keep you safe and out of trouble .
Check all fluids , including oil , coolant , brake fluid and windshield washer fluid . Check the air filter and battery .
Make sure tires are properly inflated . That goes for the spare , too . Inspect the tires to make sure there is enough tread .
Besides the obvious safety issues , proper lights and signals are just one more reason why you won ’ t get a ticket .
At an absolute minimum , make sure you have the tools to change a tire . But also consider carrying a battery-powered cell phone charger , drinking water , a gas can , and a working flashlight .
Do you have a spare key accessible from outside the car ? What about jumper cables ? A bowl so that Fido can have a drink ? How about a rain poncho ?
Take your license , proof of insurance and registration .
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