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of days , weeks or longer , some mold species can thrive on surfaces that are not even wet . Controlling humidity and ventilation in your bathroom , laundry area , basement or crawl space is the best way to prevent mold in these areas .
Indoor mold flourishes from 65 ° F to 85 ° F . Mold grows more easily where air is still or stagnant . That ’ s why it is usually found behind cabinets , inside walls or in damp crawl spaces and basements .
Non-living organic matter like wood , paper , dust and lint , leather , many fabrics and even wool rugs can become a food source for mold . This can cause destructive damage to these materials as the mold uses enzymes to break down organic matter into simpler compounds it can digest .
But moisture is the primary catalyst
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Our wedding was so beautiful , even the cake was in tiers . for mold growth . Mold cannot grow unless humidity is extremely high or there is a supply of water available . Excessive moisture from flooding , broken pipes , condensation , roof leaks or foundation leaks is what causes the majority of problems .
Since we generally cannot remove the potential food sources or dramatically change the temperature or the amount of airflow in the places mold likes to hide , your most effective prevention is moisture control . A small plumbing leak , roof damage or foundation crack can provide all the moisture needed for mold growth . Don ’ t delay making necessary repairs .
How do you know if you have mold ? Mold usually gives off an unpleasant musty odor produced by decomposing organic matter . Of course , another sign is if you see something that looks like mold .
Crunchy Corn Salsa and Fiery Fish Tacos create a perfect fresh summer meal .
Ingredients 2 cups cooked corn kernels
1 / 2 cup diced red onion 1 / 2 cup diced red bell pepper 1 cup fresh cilantro leaves , chopped 1 lime , juiced and zested 2 tablespoons cayenne pepper 1 tablespoon ground black pepper 2 tablespoons salt , or to taste 6 ( 4 ounce ) tilapia fillets 2 tablespoons olive oil 12 corn tortillas , warmed 2 tablespoons sour cream , or to taste
Mold can be just about any color ; don ’ t just look for black or green discolorations . Check any areas where there is excessive moisture or humidity and stagnant air .
Remember any mold growing indoors should be carefully and completely removed . Caution must be exercised to avoid spreading the contamination to other areas . Of course the humidity or moisture situation that caused the mold should be corrected as soon as possible . Otherwise the mold will return to the same areas .
If you have questions or think you have a moisture or mold problem in your home , call ABC Cleaning & Restoration as soon as possible . We will help identify and correct the problem and avoid further property damage or health concerns .

Fiery Fish Tacos

Directions Preheat grill for high heat .
In a medium bowl , mix together corn , red onion , red bell pepper , and cilantro . Stir in lime juice and zest .
In a small bowl , combine cayenne pepper , ground black pepper , and salt .
Brush each fillet with olive oil , and sprinkle with spices to taste .
Arrange fillets on grill grate , and cook for 3 minutes per side .
For each fiery fish taco , top two corn tortillas with fish , sour cream , and corn salsa .
Recipe courtesy allrecipes . com
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