A Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters 9 - Page 12

– M – White ? – 24 yrs – Insanity on day of admittance – Homicidal Mania .
Has never attempted to kill anyone here . He tears off his clothes , and then sits quietly in a corner . Is kept in a separate cell at night . At night he prevents his neighbors from sleeping . Speaks of seven men whom he ( is said to have ) killed . Considers his deed as the most natural , and finest ever performed by any one – In killing these men , he undoubtedly did so through an irresistible instinctive impulse .
– F – White – 30 ? yrs – Pica
This unfortunate woman has fine traits and her appearance would denote a woman of refined habits , maybe be of a high origin . This lady reasons her case so very well as to induce the belief that she is not insane . Her reasoning was so lucid , that I was about to discharge her when she began to devour the items on my desk . Matter not what is placed before her , she will eat it , wood , metal , etc . She has since eaten her own lips and parts of her mouth and must be muzzled .
– F – W – 32 yrs – Melancholic Hallucination .
This woman , about a month ago , was reading an illustrated paper which criticizes in bad every thing . She imagined that the critic of the paper alluded to her in particular , and from this time her insanity began , & has been growing worse ever since . She is a slave to the belief that she is nursing her youngest child which is a linen doll . She speaks of her children who are in the garden , whereas they are not present , nor is there a garden near by .