A Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters 8 | Page 13

An Excerpt from Lady Pokingham ' s


Call me Lothair , darling , throw away all awkward reserve ," he said , putting his arm around my waist , and placing his glimmering hand on my cheek . " Go on ; tell me all about those fiendish priests who have been plotting to ensnare me ."

" Take my advice , Lothair ," I went on , nearly swooning at his touch . " You will find their opinions quite changed ; the Cardinal ' s orders are positive that Clare is not to spare even her honour if necessary , to capture you . But her honour is an article I saw her surrender to that confessor ." Then I described to him the horrifying seduction I had witnessed in the chapel .
" Alas !" he exclaimed , a glimmer in his eyes ." Dear Beatrice ! Last night I felt able to lose life rather than her , and now the feeling is gone , fled like a shadow , but what is it after all , but a mean , mistrustful shame ; You , Beatrice , must be mine , I can ' t restrain the fire of love which is consuming me ; the very sin makes the idea more delicious ."
My faint efforts were useless , he was a fine strong young fellow ; in an instant I was thrown backwards on the long grass , or was it a swoon ? The furor of lust was upon him , but I made a fair show of resistance , and seemed only to yield to force , shutting my eyes as if afraid to see his majestic glimmering beauty . His lips were fixed to mine ; the soft velvety tip of his tongue was a titbit I could not refuse , and I sucked it till I almost choked for want of breath .
It was a most erotically voluptuous love engagement . Only one heart and one soul seemed to animate us , his glimmering arms grasping my swooning frame .
He parted from me very lovingly ; and on my return to St . James ' Square , I found that Lady Montairy had brought an invitation from the Duchess for us to spend a few days at Crecy House before our return to the country .