A Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters 8 | Page 12

It was not . I am finished now . The blob has grown weary of wearing his hat . He has taken it off now and shoved it in his mouth .
Tuesday , June the Fifteenth
Well , here ' s a strange turn of events ! The sky pirates spent the rest of the day gathering up the people from lifeboats , rescuing any floating luggage , and delivering both to safety ! They came back for our lifeboat a few hours later . But my astonishment does not end there , for they witnessed Cyprien rescue many of their numbers from being dragged into the sea . In gratitude , they offered him the position of pirate king and in retaliation for the whole dangerous mess with the entangled airships , they made their own king walk the plank !
To my surprise , Cyprien agreed to take the position ! He says he grew up on the sea and thieving was in his nature . Maybe I cannot bring myself to wish him well , exactly , but I am quite sure that he will find no shortage of questionable headwear among the pirates to bring him many long and happy years .
I think the blob has joined their crew as well . I ' m not quite certain for it cannot speak yet . It did ride off with the pirates and made a most gracious bow to me , then waved goodbye most politely as it sailed into the air .
I think I have had quite enough of the sea , for I feel quite confused .