A Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters 19 - Page 9

Longville Ducal tree would be a pleasure. Percy knows a vampire is coming now, for he could tell at once that the man was a vampire when he could not enter his room uninvited. Also, the man turned into a bat upon departure and fl ew away, however theatrical that sounds. Apparently Percy's bedroom is several stories up. I decided to straighten this aff air out immediately and showed him the portion of Lu Yan's book relating the tale of Lord Ruthven Gowrie. "Don't you understand what he's trying to tell us, Philomena?" Percy asked. "He's trying to warn us that the vampire has escaped his enforced restraint and may have ill intentions towards me!" "I understand," I replied. "I just did not wish to worry you during the weeks before our nuptials!" "But if he only drinks blue blood," Percy continued, "then our entire social network is at risk! Th ere is no help for it. In order to keep our hereditary races safe, we must throw a party at once!" And so, from that night until the day of the wedding, we threw a party for all the noble Lords and Ladies of London! Our guests piled in from the lowest baronet to the highest prince in the land! Th ey are staying for well over a week. Th ey have such hearty appetites that I couldn't enjoy a moment of it! I've made a heroic endeavor to look unconcerned, but in vain—and I vow never to hold a dinner party ever again! But they were safe, insomuch as manners dictated that none should invite a third-party guest to a party at a Ducal estate! Gowrie was kept out until the day of the wedding, at least, but rumors have spread amongst our party that a night-stalker has been seen haunting the outskirts of Queen Victoria's palace, and many licentious young noblemen and silly capricious noblewomen who think our party a bore have been drained entirely of their blood! Having to prepare for an ever-increasing amount of guests and the arrival of a vampire caused me to ask my dear husband if we should